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2021 – “Automotive Digital Retail & Automotive Global Trends.” – Presented by: Craig METROWICH.

1) How Computing Power has impacted vehicle design and the buying process. Yes, SALESPEOPLE will need to LOVE learning new methods of selling as we are going to see many, many new innovations by example: IoT (Internet Of Things) will make vehicles much more than just a mode of transport, it will be “CONNECTED” to our entire “SOCIAL LIFE.”

2) Increase your Showroom visits by increasing your online marketing.

3) Yes, cars will “communicate” with each other and be a hub of shared information.

4) Discuss the various innovative methods of “usership” versus “ownership.” Dealerships will have to adapt their financial models.

5) New Vehicle pricing will go up as many trending technologies will be installed, this also means that used market will be strong.

6) People more than ever… want Personal interaction as the Pandemic forced social distancing. Brands will need to ignite a “Personal Closeness” theme in their go-to-market strategy.

7) Vehicles will need to be designed with more HEALTH related features e.g. special filters in Air-Conditioning systems will be installed, as the Pandemic makes many consider the “internal health benefits” of being in a vehicle.

8) Increase in global pollution is a serious concern for all and the vehicle buyer will support those brands that are making an effort to make the least negative impact via e.g. reuse and recycle.

9) Sales volumes will go considerably up in the Electric Vehicles segment as many LEADING brands introduce many models globally.

10) Much innovation will happen at the Dealership showrooms as well as the online “Digital Retail” showrooms and there is certainly much to be EXCITED about as the Automotive industry is always adapting to the buyers demands. WOW! Much to look forward to within this DYNAMIC industry.

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